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    Baht Yisrael

    Shalom mishpakhah, HalleluYAH, I love all da teachings. 😊 It’s awesome to have all the teachings saved from yrs back too. It’s great to listen to teachings from earlier times. You can stay focused all week in hearing TMH’s Word thru Torah / Tanak and learn from so many teachers. Todah. I appreciate so much that when you speak of Shma Yisrael family, we are included. It’s a blessing to see & hear the young warriors and princesses speak from their hearts about this Hebrew way of life, and what TMH means to them. May The Almighty YAH continue to bless the families raising these young sons & daughters. May TMH continue to bless Chief Prince Tziyppor, protect him, guide him and lengthen his days. May he also have joy with his new איש

    Ahavah rabah,
    Emah Amiynah Baht Yehudah
    Baht Yisrael is my screen name

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    Baht Yisrael

    Shalom family, I made a typo error. The word was to be אישה by mistake I typed איש. Plz forgive me. Todah

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