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    Baht Yisrael

    Shalom, my question is : How are McDonalds French Fries not good to eat 🤔😞 They are cooked in vegetable oil, so what am I missing? I’ve been workin this ‘clean diet’ for
    yrs, even as a Muslim, back in the day. I should be doing better, so plz tell me, what’s wrong? I only eat the fish and fries from Mickey D’s 😥.

    Todah for your answers, I want da truth!
    Ahavah rabah / Much Love



    Here’s what I was able to find on this website:

    Q: What kashut issues are there with French fries?

    A: The number one issue we are concerned with when it comes to French fries are those factories which produce for (or at one time produced for) McDonalds, as their French fries are made with a special flavored oil which contains a beef tallow flavor (that is not kosher). Since the beef tallow is present in the oil in enough concentration for it to give non-kosher taste into the equipment, any piece of equipment which handles (or handled) McDonald’s (or any other beef tallow, or beef tallow flavored) French fry with heat needs to be kashered before it can be used to make OU certified French fries. This is an involved process, where the equipment must be cleaned to bare metal (including fryers which often have burnt oil stuck onto processing equipment) and left cold for 24 hours, prior to being filled with boiling water under the on-site supervision of a mashgiach.

    Someone else should chime in on this.

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    Ehfraht Daniel

    In eating a clean diet, the elimination of fried or processed foods is the goal. McDonalds fries are not just potatoes, they are a mix of ingredients and preservatives. Not saying don’t eat fries, I enjoy them occasionally, I believe moderation is the key with everything. I think we should also consider that mcdonalds serves pork so just from that standpoint I would avoid this restaurant because of that imho.


    Tamieka Yevrah

    I only eat the salads from McDonald’s,is that bad? Not all the time only when my day is busy and I am to tired to cook.

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